Hurricane Katrina Forest Recovery

As we work together to tackle the historic challenge that Hurricane Katrina has presented to the forestry communities of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, we hope that this blog will be a valuable resource and tool.

Tuesday, September 27

Hurricane Katrina And Private Forest Ownerships

Hurricane Katrina And Private Forest Ownerships

Dr. Bill Stuart, Dr. Laurie Grace, Dr. Ian Munn, and Mr. Jeff Smith, Department of Forestry

The trees and forests of the area impacted by Katrina, like the people and communities, have all been affected by the storm. Some effects were catastrophic, with large areas of broken or uprooted timber. Other areas suffered minimal damage, wind stress, broken limbs and lost foliage. The catastrophic loss is immediately evident; the more subtle effects may take months or years to manifest themselves in reduced tree growth, increased susceptibility to insect and disease attack, and splits and shake that ultimately reduce the value of the tree for solid wood products.

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