Hurricane Katrina Forest Recovery

As we work together to tackle the historic challenge that Hurricane Katrina has presented to the forestry communities of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, we hope that this blog will be a valuable resource and tool.

Tuesday, September 20

Washington Wants to Know About Recovery

A Mississippi Forestry Recovery Team will brief members of Congress, Congressional staff, and agency officals in a special series of meetings in Washington, DC on September 21-23. The Team includes Dr. George Hopper, Dean of the College of Forest Resources at MSU and Director of the Forest and Wildlife Research Center; Everard Baker, Acting State Forester; Cecil Johnson, Executive Director of the MS Loggers Association; Eric Clark, Secretary of State and State Lands Commissioner for the 16th section school trust lands; and Bruce Alt, Executive Vice President of MFA.

They will also meet with USDA Forest Service officials, US Senate and House staff, and others who can be of great assistance to Mississippi and our forestry community in the months and years ahead. This unified coalition will answer as many questions as possible about forest recovery efforts, direct the staff to expert resources, and present them with a list of public policy recommendations designed to benefit Mississippi’s entire forestry community.


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