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Friday, May 5

Salvation Army Initiates Phase Two of Plan

On May 3, the Salvation Army unveiled a $155-million community recovery and rebuilding plan to meet the long-term needs of those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The plan, the second phase of the Salvation Army's overall $362-million recovery effort, will use donated funds for reconstruction, housing development, volunteer programs and job-readiness training, among other services, to assist storm survivors living in Mississippi and Louisiana. All services offered will be distributed to people who are in the most need, without discrimination, but based on specific eligibility criteria developed by the Salvation Army.

To date, 68% of the $142 million spent in the first stage of recovery has gone toward direct financial assistance to survivors, including gift cards, accommodations assistance and utilities assistance. The other 32% was used for meals, cleaning and personal hygiene supplies, equipment and transportation and lodging for Salvation Army disaster personnel. The balance of the $362 million in public donations received, and any new donations, will support resettled survivors outside the immediate recovery zone.

In the ongoing response to Katrina, the Salvation Army has served more than 5.6 million hot meals and assisted nearly one million people in at least 30 states through April 2006.


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