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Wednesday, April 26

MDOT Inspects Coast Drawbridge

After an investigation of the drawbridge of the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge, Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) maintenance crews have determined that the west leaf bascule of the drawbridge has not shifted position. This investigation followed concerns from a number of tugboat captains who had questioned whether the west leaf was changing position, posing a potential hazard to marine travelers.

"In an effort to maintain the open channel for marine traffic, our crews looked at the drawbridge from multiple angles, and we are sure that it has not shifted position,” said Todd Jordan, MDOT district maintenance engineer.

Following the loss of power to the bridge after Hurricane Katrina, the west and east leaves of the bascule have remained in an upright position, allowing marine traffic to continue through the channel. "In recent weeks, MDOT has received reports that one of the bascule leaves was dropping, but we determined that was not the case," Jordan said. "Because the east and west leaves are not at the same upright angle, it could create the appearance of a shift."


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