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Thursday, November 30

“The First Great Children’s Book About Katrina”

“The first great children’s book about Katrina” …an epic tale of Mullet, Heroes & Hurricanes
Former New Orleans resident and commercial fisherman Timothy A. Weeks is bringing his new children’s book about heartbreak and perseverance to Mississippi. “Ol’ Middler Saves the Day (A Mullet Buddy Homecoming)” is a story of loyalty, loss, the storm of the century, and how “a hero was born from a small, muddy bayou that fancy fish scorned.”

This ‘Seaquel’ to Weeks’ acclaimed first book, “The Wise Mullet of Cook Bayou,” finds Ol’ Middler embarking on a harrowing journey along the Gulf Coast to find his long lost mullet buddy Goldie, who has traveled to the Mississippi Sound with his mullet sweetheart Silver. Ol’ Middler’s search takes him into the epicenter of a terrible hurricane slamming into the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Ol’ Midder heroically rescues his heartbroken friend Goldie, who has lost his precious Silver in the storm. Following a suspenseful escape from flooded New Orleans, Goldie is inspired by the hurricane rebuilding efforts of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and decides: “If people could rebuild, then surely a mullet could too.” After the two mullet buddies return safely to their bayou home, Goldie concludes that “nothing is more wondrous than an ever loyal friend.”

“Katrina was a traumatic event for the Gulf Coast, as epical as the Civil War,” says Weeks. “Nature gave Mississippi its worst, and folks responded with their best. In my tale I sought to render the tragedy and heroism in a manner that children could fathom.”

Illustrated with a fascinating montage of painting and landmark photos of New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast by Weeks’ mother — Miss Jeanne — this story of mullet, heroes, and hurricanes is one of the most unique and poignant children’s books in recent years. Its release has prompted a number of bookstore owners and educators to call it “the first great children’s book on Katrina.”


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