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Thursday, August 31

Legal Team Sees More Work to Do, Says Recovery Leaves Out Poor


The Witness Delegation Project, a team of volunteer lawyers, community leaders and activists, is touring the Coast, noting what it considers continuing disparities in Katrina recovery between the haves and have-nots.

"We decided that on this one-year anniversary of Katrina we would bring this delegation back to some of the areas where we previously managed to stop unlawful evictions and exposed the way people were being treated and advised them of their rights," Jaribu Hill of the Mississippi Workers' Center for Human Rights and the Magnolia Bar Association said Tuesday. "While President Bush is here and while (Gov.) Haley Barbour is saying we are rebuilding and people are living better - we just don't see it. The recovery is leaving large segments of people out."

Hill said there are still many cases of "unscrupulous behavior" by landlords, hiking up rents or evicting people who have valid leases, and that many migrant workers are living in "deplorable conditions." "Some of the contractors are cramming 15 people into a trailer," Hill said.

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