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Saturday, March 18

MDOT Begins More Debris Removal

As clean-up continues to be a high priority for Hurricane Katrina recovery, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is initiating another round of debris removal, according to MDOT district engineer Ricky Lee.

All property owners adjacent to MDOT maintained rights-of-way that are outside the municipalities should place storm debris from around their dwelling before April 3, 2006. Any debris placed on the rights-of-way after that date may or may not be picked up by MDOT's contractors.

MDOT recently signed new debris removal contracts to continue clean-up efforts throughout the state. "We know that debris removal is a massive task for everyone," Lee said. "Debris removal can contain many dangerous items, which can also become a safety hazard. The public is urged to be safety conscious when removing debris."

For more information, contact the MDOT External Affairs Division at (601) 359-7017.

In separate but related items, MDOT has begun the removal of the overhead pedestrian bridge at the Veteran's Retirement Home on U.S. 90. And, on March 15, MDOT officials will begin repair work on the I-110 Bridge.


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