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Tuesday, November 15

MDOT's New Truck Weight Regulations Effective November 7th

Soon after Hurricane Katrina struck Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama on August 29, the MS Dept. of Transportation issued a Temporary Order of Authority that allowed trucks hauling timber in Mississippi to legally haul up to 95,000 lbs. gross weight, depending on the length of the truck and trailer and the number of load bearing axles. MDOT did not require a written permit, did not restrict this higher weight to only state highways, and did not limit the allowable geographic area.

This was a bold and very helpful action that allowed the forestry and logging community to immediately begin the difficult task of salvaging damaged timber from both public and private timberlands. The Mississippi Forest Recovery Task Force and MFA wishes to thank the leadership of MDOT, and all the agency’s field enforcement personnel, for their full cooperation as together, we worked to overcome many logistical obstacles related to salvage and recovery.

The original Order of Authority
expired on November 6, 2005 and was replaced by a new Order. The new regulations are posted on MDOT’s website and also on the Recovery Task Force’s web blog. Visit either or permit There are three pages in the Order, the first provides instructions for obtaining the necessary written permit which must be in the cab of each truck hauling the increased weight. The second page is the permit itself, and the third is a list of applicable MS counties.

Since November 7, many questions have arisen about the new regulations. The best
, most accurate answers to your trucking questions in Mississippi can be obtained directly from MDOT’s Law Enforcement Division personnel in Jackson, MS. You may call the following personnel at
601.359.1707 and receive answers to all your trucking inquiries:
Chief Willie Huff, Joe Marshall, or Tommy Thames.


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