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Monday, October 3

Biodiesel Fuel to Assist Katrina Relief Effort

West Central Cooperatives of Ralston, Iowa has donated 15 thousand gallons of biodiesel fuel for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort in Mississippi. Alcorn State University and the Federation of Southern Cooperatives will coordinate delivery of the much needed fuel in the Katrina affected areas to assist farmers as well as workers assisting the clean-up efforts. “We decided to donate to Katrina affected farmers and workers,” said Jeff Stroburg, CEO of West Central Co-op, “because we knew there was a need. We also knew the Federation was assisting farmers and rural communities in the aftermath of the hurricane and we wanted to help.”

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel derived from natural oils like soybean oil, which can be used in existing diesel engines with little or no modification. Blends of 20 percent biodiesel to 80 percent petroleum diesel (B-20) are recommended for use in most engines. The contribution of West Central Cooperatives is significant, but blending the biodiesel with petroleum diesel and distributing it to areas took the coordinated efforts of several agencies including: Alcorn State University, the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, the Electric Power Association of Mississippi, Southland Oil, Earth Biofuels, the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation, Mississippi Biomass Council, Mississippi Technology Alliance, and the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce.

Tim Mood, Vice President for Economic Development with Electric Power Association of Mississippi will coordinate fuel delivery of one tanker of biodiesel to agricultural consumers in the affected area who have experienced power outages as part of the rural system. Fuel will be used in back-up generators and in heavy equipment used for the relief effort such as chippers, grinders, and trucks.

A second tanker will be blended in Meridian and sold at the Earth Biofuels Service Station in Byram, Mississippi. Starting Saturday, October 1, 2005, farmers receive a 20 percent discount at the station on 5780 Terry Road.


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